High Quality Prints


From here on, the very best images from the Spiegelteam-Homepage are available as high quality prints, made in one of the best photo labs in Germany. You can choose between three different sizes, the two biggest ones are available as semiglossy or glossy paper prints while the smallest one will be deliverable as a glossy print. Take a look at the images available at the end of this side!

You can save 10% of the price ordering 2-4 prints, ordering 5 or more prints will save you 15%!

Payment is accepted in Euros or US-$. Only checks payable to "Volker Wendel" or cash (on your own risk!) are accepted.

For further information take a look at the price list below. Please note that the prices include the bank costs I have which are at least 7,50 Euros or US-$ 7,50 for paying in the check or the money (if you send Euros in cash, you will naturally save these extra costs ). For shipping to the USA or other world wide countries please add US-$10 to the price of your order, for shipping in the EU please add 5 Euros.


Print size Price
26x38cm or 10"x15" 30 Euro or US-$ 30
30x45cm or 12"x18" 40 Euro or US-$ 40
40x60cm or 16"x24" 50 Euro or US-$ 50
60x84cm or 24"x33" 70 Euro or US-$ 70

For orders or additional questions please e-mail me at volker@spiegelteam.de.


The following images are available, please click on the preview images to get them in a larger size:

WebNGC253.jpg (4911 Byte) WebN1365LRGB.jpg (5874 Byte) webm83.jpg (6723 Byte) WebNGC300.jpg (7045 Byte)

NGC 253

NGC 1365

M 83

NGC 300


WebCentALRGB.jpg (7775 Byte) WebNGC4945.jpg (8901 Byte)

M 16

NGC5128 / Centaurus A

NGC 6744

NGC 4945


WebNGC6726.jpg (5822 Byte) WebOmega400RGB.jpg (19108 Byte)

M 17

NGC 7793

NGC 6726

Omega Centauri


WebKeyhole.jpg (10878 Byte) WebAntaresregion.jpg (13164 Byte) WebM20CCD.jpg (7895 Byte)

Keyhole Nebula/Eta Carinae

Helix Nebula / NGC7293

Antares region

M 20


weblmc.jpg (8481 Byte) WebNGC6164.jpg (11949 Byte) WebM8Halpha.jpg (8833 Byte) WebEtaCarinaeHII.jpg (7823 Byte)

Large Magellanic Cloud

NGC 6164 / 6165

M8 / NGC6559 in H-Alpha

Eta Carinae in H-Alpha


WebN6357halpha.jpg (6023 Byte) WebM8Film.jpg (9586 Byte) WebNGC6302.jpg (7582 Byte) WebOmegaFilm.jpg (10901 Byte)

NGC 6357 in H-alpha

M 8 NGC 6302, Bug Nebula

NGC5139/Omega Centauri


WebCirrusganzRGBNEU.jpg (8102 Byte) WebNGC7000RGBneu.jpg (7264 Byte)
M 57 Veil Nebula North America Nebula